From preparation to
actual implementation of
international expansion
a dedicated consultant will accompany you during OJT (On-The-Job Training) .

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The shortest route to success!

The “slow and steady wins the race” method of international expansion


To actual implementation of international expansion

Devote 1-2 years to establishing a structure enabling you to succeed on your own


Paccloa’s OJT service backed by abundant experience

Full support by consultants with various experience in international expansion support


Go Global CHECK

As a starting point, Paccloa will help analyze the winning approach to international expansion specific to your company.
100,000 yen
Once-off service
(this service is only provided to each company once)

However, exceptions may be made in cases where plan content differs to that of the previous occasion, e.g. new company structure, new product, new service.

Each company has a different approach to ensure their successful international expansion. Paccloa will propose the best approach to suit your company in its current status. We will help first-timers reconfirm their direction and help those clients already achieving international expansion by offering a second opinion regarding their approach (Approx. a 2 hour session each time).

Go Global PRO

Paccloa will enable you to achieve international expansion independently within approx. 3 years.
Monthly Fee
(Please Contact us)
Maximum duration of 3 years
(renewed yearly, avg. 2.5 years)

Paccloa will continue to provide ongoing follow-up from the 4th year onwards in the form of our Internationalization Support ADVANCED for clients who request this service.

Paccloa will serve as the right-arm man of the president at the helm of the SME client and the mentor of those members of the company doing the groundwork. Together we will aim for your successful international expansion. Clients will receive comprehensive OJT-style guidance from our dedicated consultants aimed at acquiring the skills and actions required to enable you to achieve international expansion independently. You will accumulate international expansion know-how within a minimum of 1 year or a maximum of 3 years.

There is a set method to international expansion
Unsure how to take your business international?