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This website (; hereinafter “this site”) is operated and provided by Paccloa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Paccloa”). When using this website, please do so with an understanding of the following site policy (hereinafter “this policy”).



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Copyright and Trademark Rights

Copyright for content (characters, photos, illustrations, etc.) featured on this site belongs to Paccloa.

Except where permitted by law, such as for private use, the reproduction, re-use, sale, public transmission, modification, etc. of the content of this site without permission is prohibited.

The rights to individual trademarks, logos, and trade names posted on this site belong to Paccloa. Except to the extent permitted by law, these may not be used without the consent of Paccloa.

Some of the text, illustrations, logos, photos and videos posted on this site are available under a Creative Commons License.

The Creative Commons licensing scheme is a tool for authors of various works to express their intention to use their work freely if certain conditions are met and aims to spread new copyright rules in the Internet age. (For more information, please visit the Creative Commons website.)

Links Used on This Site

It may be possible to navigate to other sites via links or banners from this site. Such sites are not operated by Paccloa. Accordingly, Paccloa shall not be liable for any trouble, loss, or damage caused by the content, etc.

As a general rule, it is acceptable to link to this site. However, links from websites that fall under the following conditions are not permitted.

  • Links from websites that slander or defame Paccloa, other companies, other organizations, or their officers, related parties, or products and services.
  • Links from websites that contain illegal information.
  • Links from websites that infringe, or are likely to infringe, intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark rights, property, privacy or portrait rights, or other rights of Paccloa, other companies, other organizations, or their officers or related parties.
  • Links from websites that violate laws and regulations; including laws, ordinances, and rules, or that violate public order and morals, or from websites that may interfere with the operation of this site.
  • Links from websites aimed at making profit (excluding those consented by Paccloa).
  • Links from websites for which it is unclear that the featured information is that of Paccloa’s website due to display inside an original frame, etc.

Security (Handling of personal information)

Paccloa has established a Basic Policy on Information Security (enacted in 2020) which it has published both within the company and externally, and pledges compliance to both this policy and its Privacy Policy (enacted in 2020).


Paccloa shall not be liable for any trouble, loss, or damage caused by judgment made based on the information posted on this site, or by the use of this site.

All or part of the information posted on this site (including the URL of this site), or this policy or related provisions is subject to change or suspension without prior notice. In addition, the operation and provision of this site may be discontinued without prior notice.

Paccloa pays close attention to the information posted on this site, however does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of such information. Paccloa shall not be liable for any trouble, loss or damage caused by the use of, or the failure to make use of, information featured on this site.

Prevailing Language

The Japanese language version of this site and related provisions shall be deemed the original. Should any conflict arise between the Japanese language version and any translation hereof, the Japanese language version shall prevail.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In the case of a dispute arising over the use of this site, the Osaka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the first trial. In the case of a dispute arising over the use of this site, the governing law shall be the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified.

Established September, 2020

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