Go Global CHECK

As a starting point, Paccloa will help analyze the winning approach to international expansion specific to your company.
100,000 yen
Once-off service
(this service is only provided to each)

However, exceptions may be made in cases where plan content differs to that of the previous occasion, e.g. new company structure, new product, new service.

Each company has a different approach to ensure their successful international expansion. Paccloa will propose the best approach to suit your company in its current status. We will help first-timers reconfirm their direction and help those clients already achieving international expansion by offering a second opinion regarding their approach (Approx. a 2 hour session each time).

Go Global PRO

Paccloa will enable you to achieve international expansion independently within approx. 3 years.
Monthly Fee
(Please Contact us)
Maximum duration of 3 years
(renewed yearly, avg. 2.5 years)

Paccloa will continue to provide ongoing follow-up from the 4th year onwards in the form of our Internationalization Support ADVANCED for clients who request this service.

Paccloa will serve as the right-arm man of the president at the helm of the SME client and the mentor of those members of the company doing the groundwork. Together we will aim for your successful international expansion. Clients will receive comprehensive OJT-style guidance from our dedicated consultants aimed at acquiring the skills and actions required to enable you to achieve international expansion independently. You will accumulate international expansion know-how within a minimum of 1 year or a maximum of 3 years.

The above prices exclude GST.

Domestic business trips and visits: If long-distance travel is required, travel and accommodation (where necessary only) expenses will be charged separately

Overseas business trips: Travel and accommodation expenses will be charged separately for both the Pro and Help packages

Flow Upon Receiving Your Request for Go Global CHECK

Inquiry Form

Please fill in the inquiry form we send you (2 pages). Feel free to tell us anything, such as the issues you are having in your efforts to go global, your thoughts, goals, etc.

International Expansion Feasibility Report

Paccloa will prepare an International Expansion Feasibility Report (10 pages) based on what you have told us in the inquiry form. This report will identify your company’s current position, overseas market needs, status of overseas competition, an approach to international expansion taking advantage of your company’s strengths, the approaches you should avoid, etc.


Upon our visit, we will;

  1. Explain the International Expansion Feasibility Report
  2. Ask additional questions regarding your company’s (1) current status and initiatives (2) management philosophy (3) direction aimed for.
  3. Upon acquiring this additional information, if your company exhibits greater potential than that evaluated in our report, we will provide an explanation to that effect.
  4. Should we discover any concerning material upon acquiring this additional information, we will offer advice on how to avoid the issue.

After Go Global CHECK

Go Global PRO is the next-level service we offer only to companies who we’ve deemed as having potential for overseas development at Go Global CHECK. To those companies for whom overseas development seems difficult, we will explain the reasons for this and offer advice for points of improvement, future measures, etc.

Companies deemed as having the potential for overseas development but whom did not request Go Global PRO are welcome to contact Paccloa even several years later regarding any questions they may have about their International Expansion Feasibility Report.

Flow Upon Request for Go Global PRO

Service Agreement

If we receive your request for Go Global PRO, we will enter a Service Agreement and promptly begin providing you with support.

Support Timing

At the earliest, we can begin supporting your company from the month after we enter a Service Agreement. If we have no availability, it may take several months to half a year before we can begin OJT support. We will finalize the timing for Paccloa support to begin through consultation with you.

First Consultation

The aims of the first consultation after we begin our support are orientation and to present you with the below materials (10 to 15 pages) which we will prepare on our end.

  • OJT support roadmap
  • Yearly schedule proposal
  • Initial assignment

Regular Visits

After the first consultation, we will visit you on a regular basis.
In the first year, we will designate assignments (tasks) to the company top executive and overseas business project leader on a monthly basis. These assignments will primarily consist of research, idea generation, etc. Each consultation will involve a brainstorming session, and feedback to answers. Together, we will work on the details of your international expansion business plan and business model for overseas markets.
These are practically the same steps as those involved in the process of establishing a new business, however by becoming familiar with the PDCA cycle involving investigating, thinking, and decision-making, from the initial stages of international expansion, you will mentally prepare yourself to be resilient enough not to be timid even regarding overseas business. These are just a few examples, but ultimately you will obtain the capabilities necessary for international expansion in a variety of forms.

In regards to the overseas business project leader, there are two possible patterns; (1) a full-time role, or (2) a dual role with domestic operations. In many cases, the latter is common in the initial stages, and we’d like to ask your project leader to allocate one or two hours on average per weekday to the international expansion tasks we assign in addition to their duties relating to domestic operations.

Overseas Business Trips

From several months to one year after we begin providing Go Global PRO support, at least two or three overseas business trips a year will be required. In the one or two-week period leading up to an overseas business trip, even if the project leader has a dual domestic role, we require them to completely dedicate their work days to Go Global assignments and making preparations for their trip.

Regular Visits (Preparation) ⇔ Overseas Business Trips (Practical) ⇔ Company Structure (Systematize)

Many dual-role project leaders make the transition to full-time project leaders after their first overseas business trip. Also, all members of your company gradually becoming involved in international expansion will likely become busier in terms of the yearly schedule also around the time of this first overseas business trip, so we ask that you are aware of this and make the necessary adjustments in advance.

We will explain this in detail directly to the top executive, project leader, and other related personnel after we begin our support.


How do Go Global CHECK and Go Global PRO differ?

Go Global CHECK is a once-off agreement where Paccloa determines whether your company is currently in a condition capable of international expansion. Go Global PRO is an annual agreement where we provide OJT support enabling you to independently achieve international expansion.

We’d like you to support our entry in an overseas exhibition. Do you offer a short service lasting two to three months?

Sorry, but we do not offer such a service currently as a period of two to three months is insufficient to get overseas business on track and produce sustainable profit.

Can we expand our business overseas within a period of three years?

Companies deemed as capable of international expansion through our Go Global CHECK service can achieve this goal within three years. If they do not, there is definitely a solid reason for this. Methods to avoiding such reasons are including in Paccloa’s Go Global PRO service.

Are there some products or companies for which international expansion is difficult?

Unfortunately, there are. Please feel free to review them here.

Can the duration of your Go Global PRO service be shortened?

Yes, it can.
If there is already a person in your company experienced in overseas sales or overseas business (and practically doesn’t need to acquire new capabilities at all), we will raise the frequency of overseas trips from the first year of our service and provide support so that your company may independently pursue international expansion.

Can we terminate the Service Agreement midway through?

Yes, you can.
Essentially our Service Agreement is automatically updated every year, however if there are unavoidable circumstances, you may terminate the agreement midway through the period.

Can the Service Agreement be extended?

Sorry, but we cannot extend the Service Agreement. Go Global PRO is based on a plan of achieving international expansion within three years therefore a 3-year period is the maximum length possible for our Service Agreement.

Does Paccloa’s support end entirely after the Go Global PRO service has finished?

Companies who have received the full term of our Go Global PRO support will have sufficient know-how and ability to take action enabling them to independently sustain international expansion however, if requested, Paccloa does offer Go Global ADVANCED (100,000 JPY/month) and Go Global FOLLOW-UP (10,000 JPY/month).

Go Global ADVANCED and Go Global FOLLOW-UP are special plans only available to companies who have entered into a Service Agreement for Go Global PRO.

There is a set method to international expansion
Unsure how to take your business international?