【Electronically published February 2019】CE Marking…It’s not enough to say I didn’t know??

CE marking ROHS REACH WEEE compliance

The Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN released an EU Regulation Guidebook (electronic version published Feb 2019).

What is the EU Regulation Guidebook?  

The EU Regulation Guidebook is the most straightforward introductory book on CE Marking (including EU regulations) for SMEs in Japan planned, structured, written, and edited by Paccloa with the cooperation of the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation ( and the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (MTEP).

In the process of international expansion, some SMEs become aware of barriers such as local regulations, standards, and rules, then realize they cannot import or distribute their product or service (in the same way as they do in Japan) in that region.

At that point, the SME is faced with two choices; either give up on the idea of exporting or attempt to comply with local import regulations and standards. If they choose the latter, they may be taken aback by the time and money such a task would require.

For those of you who have concerns and frustrations due to not being able to immediately ship your product despite having made the decision to export, or not calculating fees related to regulation compliance into the budget, foreseeing you will fall into a deficit, etc., we have summarized the key points of overseas regulations and standards in this EU Regulations Guidebook so that you can gain an understanding in just 20 minutes.

The main points covered are as follows;

2.How do I handle EU regulations and standards?
3.Find the EU regulation/standard that applies to your product!
4.The long list of EU regulations/standards ①  (the 24 directives of CE Marking)
5.The long list of EU regulations/standards (other than CE Marking)
6.CE Marking System – Process leading to certification
6-2.esponding to REACH, RoHS, WEEE
7.List of certifying bodies and supporting companies
7-2.Summary of supported fields for each listed certifying body and supporting company
8.Public institution contact details

(Please note, you can download an easy-to-read version of the EU Regulations Guidebook by clicking DOWNLOAD at the very end of the page.)

After reading this guidebook, if you still have any concerns regarding overseas regulations and standards, or international expansion in general, please feel free to contact Paccloa.

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